IGNOU BCA 2nd semester assignments 2018 codes subjects wise

IGNOU BCA 2nd semester assignments  for 2018 details, we are discussing in our IGNOU BCA assignments series. In this post lets  see assignment codes for each subject for IGNOU BCA 2nd semester.

BCA second semester, need to prepare assignment for 7 subjects. These assignments codes valid for 2017-2018 batch only.

MCS-011     BCA(2)/011/Assignment/17-18

MCS-012     BCA(2)/012/Assignment/17-18
MCS-015    BCA(2)/015/Assignment/17-18
MCS-013   BCA(2)/013/Assignment/17-18
BCSL-021  BCA(2)/L-021/Assignment/17-18
CSL-022   BCA(2)/L-022/Assignment/17-18
ECO-02     ECO-02/TMA/2017-18

Solved 2018 assignments  ( password : ignoubcahelp)



In next post, I will provide more details about  2nd semester assignments.
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