BCSL-022 latest solved assignment latest 2018 question 2

As yesterday shared 1st question of IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 lab assignment.Today let me share second question ( part 1)  to you guys.


Write and run an Assembly language program that converts an ASCII
string containing decimal digits, stored in three consecutive locations in
the memory into equivalent binary number. You may assume that the
three locations contains ASCII equivalent of digit 3, digit 4 and digit 5.
The output of this program should be stored in AX register.
This question belongs to array  manipulation using assembly language. I willshare tutorial in next post. now we are nearing BCSL-022 assignment submission date,so just  copy  attached program.Credit goes to original  author.
Please review once before writing assignment, please share errors using of IGNOU BCA WhatsApp group.