BCSL-034 notes and concepts with examples

Now you can learn BCSL-034 concepts from a single resource. you can try on live Oracle system for free online.

For IGNOU BCA students,following website healps a lot to pass the exam.All of SQL concepts covered in one place. Here is the website

Combination of above Oracle online lab with tutorial , Iam sure we can clear BCSL-34 with 3 to 4 days workout :).

BCSL-034 free online Oracle lab for IGNOU stundents

BCSL-034 as per books it is based on MS-access but exams only Oracle based SQL will work. The reason behind this is Ms-access not available in Exam centres labs. Only Oracle. So practice all old question papers using Oracle SQL only.

Downloading Oracle from Oracle site required lot of bandwidth and bit powerful system. It may not possible all to install on their laptops. So whats the solution. For IGNOU BCA students, there is good option. Learn Oracle SQL online using Oracle live sql website. you can run all kind of sql commands on this site. It is Oracle database hosted online.

You may need to signup for free. Thanks to Oracle.Here is website to try Oracle SQL online.

BCS031 C++ programming previous question papers

IGNOU BCA CBS-031 previous years question papers you can download from here. Thanks to original up loader.C++ programming old question papers got some advantage. Question are repeating.

My suggestion is prepare all  previous year questions then start preparing other concepts. For IGNOU BCA  repetition is very less but for this subject it seems some exception.

For every concept try to learn one sample program. For example class concept, learn one sample example and without fail write example in exam. May get some extra marks.

IGNOU BCA December 18 exam registration dates

Time to register online for  IGNOU BCA exams costing 120 each paper. As I mentioned earlier refer IGNOU BCA December 2018 exam registration tips

Many students keep on asking same question about due date of exams. Here is the answer for IGNOU BCA December 2018 exams.

24th September 2018 to 31st October 2018 – Without late fee
1st November 2018 to 10th November 2018 – With late fee of Rs.1000/-

Now you know due dates and fee details  and register for them. Best of luck!

IGNOU BCA 3rd semester theory and lab schedule Sept 2018

As expected IGNOU BCA thory and lab schedule released. I will share  study center 1314  schedule  but ots time for students check with their study centers for schedule.

This time 3 labs so many lab sessions and as usual 75% attendance required.

IGNOU BCA LAB schedule for AUG-OCT 2018 session

IGNOU BCA 3rd sem books in pdf

Now time to write assignments also.


IGNOU BCA third semester pass marks

IGNOU BCA third semester pass marks listed here. As  Classes going to start September 5th on wards, lets time to prepare IGNOU BCA 3rd sem assignments.

IGNOU BCA 3rd semester passing marks  as per subject code

BCS31 PROGRAMMING IN C++  pass marks 40
BCSL32 C++ PROGRAMMING LAB  pass marks 20
BCSL34 DBMS LAB  pass marks 20

Where to download IGNOU BCA 3rd semester books inPDF form

Its time to start reading again. 3rd semester for IGNOU BCA students started. Don’t wait for physical books . may face delay this time.So I am sharing  IGNOU BCA 3rd semester books in pdf format which are original shared by RC.

Note: if it asks for any password, it will our BIT study center code.

IGNOU BCA 3rd semester original books

Enjoy, feel free to share your suggestions. people say it is the real  tough semester in IGNOU BCA 6 semesters.Lets prepare from day one.





IGNOU BCA 3rd semester assignments questions in one place

Welcome to IGNOU BCA 3rd semester and bye bye to 2nd semester. Our welcome party starts with 3nrd semester ‘s BCA assignments. Lets me share BCA assignment questions in place for all subjects.

ignoubcahelpdotcom3rd Sem. Ass.2018-19

IGNOU BCA 3rd semester assignments codes subject wise

MCS-021                                    BCA(3)/021/Assignment/18-19

MCS-023                                 BCA(3)/023/Assignment/18-19

MCS-014                                BCA(3)/014/Assignment/18-19

BCS-031                                  BCA(3)/031/Assignment/18-19

BCSL-032                           BCA(3)/L-032/Assignment/18-19

BCSL-033                           BCA(3)/L-033/Assignment/18-19

BCSL-034                               BCA(3)/L-034/Assignment/18-19

Next will try to share solved 2018-19 3rd semester assignments



IGNOU BCA 3rd semester passing marks subject wise