IGNOU BCA MCS-011 viva questions how to prepare series

Its VIVA time for BCA 2nd semester students and in fact for 1st semester also. This is an attempt share few viva questions related to MCS-011 or Problem solving and C programming for BCA and may apply for MCA also not sure about it. Our scope limited to BCA only.

How many marks for VIVA for MCS-011 and when to appear for MCS-011 viva ?
MCS-011 viva dates will be announced soon, hardly by May 2nd week. So lets start preparation.

In this VIVA preparation series, I will share ferw files when ever I got. so keep eye on this post. Credit goes to original authors of questions.


IGNOU BCA to whom should contact for what latest updated details for students

Not yet updated your lab marks for exams like BCSL-013 or BCSL-022, even after declaring result for other students? first question is Whom should I contact?
IGNOU Assignments marks still not updated ? Who should I contact?
Books not dispatched or material returned what to do ?
Study center and RC are the immediate answers. But most of time it won’t work for some issues.
In my case my BCSL-013 lab1 marks still not updated, even next sem exams going to start soon. I am clueless as I am not getting any hints from anywhere. Then following contact list helped to sort out issue.
I sent mail and got reply that marks are updating in next update of result. Tension free now.

IGNOU BCA university latest contact details for help for students.

IGNOU BCA university contact details for assistance
Contact list for IGNOU university officials for student help

IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 solved assignment 2(b) question answer latest

In our BCSL-022 solved assignment series, lets see share 2(b)  question’s answer  in BCSL-022 assignment.

Write and run (using appropriate calling program) a near procedure in
8086 assembly language that accepts an ASCII value as a parameter in
AL register and displays this value on the output screen.
As usual  credit goes to original author. Download-BCSL-022-2b-answer
Other questions

IGNOU BCA time to pay next semester fee re registration opened

Time to pay next semester IGNOU BCA fee of 6000/-. Re-registration  enabled and last date to pay fee is 30-May ( without late fee). Freshers don;t forget to pay this fee. In IGNOU you need to pay next semester fee in advance.

Where to pay next semester IGNOU BCA fee?

As IGNOU made everything online related to registration, you can use this portal to ay fee.NO offline payments. You can use Netbanking/Debit and credit cards.



IGNOU BCA DEC 2017 Reevaluation result declared

IGNOU BCA reevaluation result for DEC 2017 is  declared. I got 10 marks added but still failed in BCSL-011 which I wrote well as per me. Now  I got 34 , earlier 25. Who ever applied can check result at below mentioned URL.

IGNOU BCA re evalution result latest.

But suprise for Maths subject they removed 20 marks and made it 6 now. Earlier 26 marks I got in BCSL-012. Strange.How to understand IGNOU evaluation system or paper correction is still unsolved puzzle for  me.



BCSL-022 latest solved assignment latest 2018 question 2

As yesterday shared 1st question of IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 lab assignment.Today let me share second question ( part 1)  to you guys.


Write and run an Assembly language program that converts an ASCII
string containing decimal digits, stored in three consecutive locations in
the memory into equivalent binary number. You may assume that the
three locations contains ASCII equivalent of digit 3, digit 4 and digit 5.
The output of this program should be stored in AX register.
This question belongs to array  manipulation using assembly language. I willshare tutorial in next post. now we are nearing BCSL-022 assignment submission date,so just  copy  attached program.Credit goes to original  author.
Please review once before writing assignment, please share errors using of IGNOU BCA WhatsApp group.

IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 2018 solved assignment first question

BCSL-022 latest 2018 solved assignment question by question for IGNOU BCA students. I am sharing few questions from latest assignments, have a look and update me for any errors.

Design a two bit counter circuit that counts from 0 to 2 only, that is, it will
have states 00, 01, 10 only. The initial state of the counter may be assumed
to be 00. The counter will be in following successive states: 00, 01, 10, 00,
01, 10, 00, 01, 10, 00 … Use any flip flop to design the circuit. You must
design them using state transition diagram and Karnaugh’s map.
So first line of question hinting us that counter counts up to 2 that means in binary, it will count up to 10 ( 2 in decimal). Now we will use D type flip-flop to build our logical diagram about counter circuit.
Education video yo know about D flip flop.
Oh, much things to  learn but I don’t have time now. What to do to complete BCSl-022 assignment asap?
Ok,OK copy and paste following solution in your assignment.
Note: Above BCSl-22 PDF refers 2015-16 question, same question re phased in current session with  Decimal number  system, in stead of binary. Thanks to Original author and happy assignment day!. Will try to share other questions also. If you find anything wrong, please share in our WhatsApp group.


IGNOU BCA BCSL-022 lab software for Windows 7 and 10 pcs

IGNOU BCA BCSL-022  lab which is based on MCS-12 subject. Basically it is an  Assembly language programming lab. Now many code compilers available online. You can write code and execute online using browser.No installation  and free. Good thing BUT BCSL-022 lab course no option available online.

Most of the material or theory classes based on DOS assembly language that means you need to use TASM or MASM. Those are old Software which can run on Windows XP systems. Latest versions of Windows OS like 7 onward they won’t run properly.

Work around  to run TASM on Windows 7 onward:

Install DOSBOX or VirtualBox virtulization product and run WindowsXP as guest OS or as virtual mechanic.

Easy method to run TASM on Windows 7 and 10  is :

GUI Turbo assembler which is designed by Lakhya Jyoti Nath | MCA 2k15, Tezpur University,IN. Thanks to Nath. Download software and install as usual on windows 7. Simple, your TASM is ready to run with neat IDE. Now you can easily write assembly programs.

Assembly lanaguage tutorial for IGNOU BCA

BCSL-022 IGNOU BCA tutorial notes


IGNOU BCA June 2018 TEE exam dates announced

Exam time again, BCA soldiers. As we are nearing assignment submission due date and now we got exam  dates. Those who are working can apply for leave now to write IGNOU BCA exams.

As you all know, hall tickets will be available online just before 7 days of exam.


It may be bit strange for First semester students, as most of them not yet get  theory and lab schedule. Please visit your study center in person and find out. Some study centers already started Theory and Lab sessions for  example BIT ( 1314).



IGNOU BCA 2nd semester counseling and lab classes timetable for BIT center

Its time for  BCA next semester classes. Most of the study centers started classes for next BCA semester. Please check with your study center. Don’t expect that you will get call or mail from them. You need to manually go and find.

Below is BCA 2nd semester classes time table for BIT students.


Above pdf is for BIT study center  only.

First semester freshers : After induction program completion only classes will start. Once induction completed, please visit your study center manually and find out dates. You may not get any messages or letter about starting of classes.