How does ignou conducts bcsl13 exam and when

How IGNOU conducts BCSL -13 BCA 1st sem PC lab exam and when? Why BCSL lab exam dates are missed from IGNOU hall ticket? Don’t worry all the details are here.

1.BCSL-13 exam dates can’t be found in your hall ticket.

2.Your study center will provide BCSL-13 lab exam dates separately. You can check your RC web site also.

Here is the procedure how IGNOU conducts BCSL 13 lab exam.

1. On exam dates ( you can find from your study center) go with your id card as usual like other theory exam. Venue will be in general your study center lab.

2.You will be provided with question paper and you need write steps on answer sheet.

Next exam in charge will sign on your answer sheet and make you sit before Computer. Now you need to run the instructions what you wrote in answer paper.

So they won’t give you directly lab computer, first you need to write theory part and next get singed by in charge and then execute on system. I know it is bit tough to remember syntax and program menus. But what to do. exam is exam.


BCSL-013 lab exam consists of 3 parts.

1.Need to write answers to questions like theory exam

2.Instructor later ask you one question to do on System/PC.

3.VIVA will be conducted by external teacher.

Total duration 2 hrs.

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