What happens in IGNOU BCA 1st sem VIVA

VIVA VOICE for IGNOU BCA freshers is nightmare for some students. Really that much tough ? What happens in IGNOU BCA  1st sem VIVA room.? Lets demystify it.

IGNOU BCA 1st sem VIVA process step by step

First point you need to remember is VIVA process changes from study center to study center. There is no central process from university that applies to all study centers like theory exams.

1.There is VIVA for 3 subjects in IGNOU BCA 1st semester. Maths,PC basics and PC basics lab.

2.No VIVA for English and Business Organization.

3.Be friendly with your theory counselors or teachers. They are the ones who going to give marks.

4.Check with study center for VIVA requirements like what to bring on that day along with ID card. Some study centers asks for assignment submission acknowledgement receipts.

I hope you followed my post to check list before submit assignments.

5.ON VIVA day reach bit early to study center.

6.Once you in VIVA room, VIVA conducting person will call one by one or small group of 3-4 at a time. He will show the assignment file submitted by you  and starts asking basic questions.

In case group :

He will randomly ask each group member. Other vice 4-5 questions. Total process less than 10 mins.

Some questions asked in  PC basics VIVA 2017:

1.What is the difference between hardware and software

2.What is DVD full form

3.What is DPI

4.What is cache memory

5. Define RAM

6.Give example to Anti virus program

7.What is utility software.

so don’t stress too much for viva. Just  review assignments answers you submitted.




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