Its viva voice time for IGNOU BCA 1st semester

IGNOU BCA viva questions preparation time came. Ignou BCA viva 2017 dates nearing. How to prepare for IGNOU BCA 1st semester viva questions? that is based on study center. Yes Viva voice is completely based on study center. Some will ask hard some will go easy. Be friendly with your theory counselors  or IGNOU class guides.Because they going to give marks.

Now assignment submission date ending I hope you all ready with your completed assignments. Don’t forget to take scan copies of your  assignments. Precautions and check list before submitting IGNOU BCA assignments.

How to prepare for IGNOU BCA 1st semester viva voice?

First,approach your subject counselor and ask for viva questions. With their vast experience, He or She will give set of probable questions. Don’t ignore this step.

Second go through your assignments. Understand concepts asked  in question.

Read First Block of each subject, in general goodchance that you will face questions from first block of material.

Example viva question for IGNOU BCA 1st semester viva voice.

1.What is identity matrix?

2. Formula to find area of triangle using matrix

Example viva questions for Computer basics

1.How to check IP address  in Linux

2.What boot loader

3.Lab viva

1.Explain about mail merge.

BCA 2017 viva dates for 1st semester

Second week of November.

IGNOU BCA 1st semester VIVA dates announced

UPDATE VIVA LIVE What happens in IGNOU BCA 1st sem VIVA

UPDATE : REAL VIVA question asked for 2017 batch

1.What is inequality  2.What is the difference between determinant and matrix? 3.What is the difference between hardware and software? 4.What DPI 5.What is cache memory? 5.What is role of Operating system? 5.What is mail merge ? 6.What is custom animation? 7.What is the features of MS word ?8.How to schedule meeting in outlook? 9.What is the full form of DVD.?10 What is RAM ?11. Examples of antivirus software?



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