How to download IGNOU BCA 1st semester assignments as no sign of study material

Tough time for IGNOU BCA students as assignments submission approaching but no sign of study material  and assignment question papers. Where to download IGNOU BCA 1st semester assignments?

Broad minded  students guessed this kind of issues and started social network as medium to exchange information. IGNOU BCA 2017 also such wonderful group. Day one when mail came from RC about classes , one noble person started group and encouraged others. Now it became 100 plus active group related to BCA topics only.

Now all group members aware most of things about IGNOU BCA 1st semester not a single communication from RC .So join us.

All IGNOU BCA  5 assignments question papers you can download from here. 


There are 5 assignments  for IGNOU BCA 1st semester. University site says only 3 but senior students confirmed 5 assignments. Here is list off all BCA 1st semester assignments with codes for 2017-18 batch.

1.FEG-02 : code : FEG-01/TMA/2017-18. Total questions : 6

2.ECO-01:code:ECO-01/TMA//2017-18. Total questions:5

3.BCA-011: code : BCA(1)/11/assignment/17-18.Total questions:3

4.BCA -012:code:  BCA(1)/12/assignments/17-18.Total questions:16

5.BCA-11(L):code: BCA(11)//L-013/assignments/17-18.Total questions:5


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