Here’s a quick way to write IGNOU BCA 1st semester assignments stress free and joyful

Complete IGNOU BCA assignments of 1st semester without stress and in time. Here is the method of time saving and tension free of last date  submission of hurry.

Get ride of  of  IGNOU BCA 1st semester assignments once and for all.Never keep back log of assignments. Completing backlogs in regular education mode is very tough. You can think about Open learning mode. Never ever keep back log of IGNOU BCA 1st semester assignment backlogs.

Here is the method to complete IGNOU assignments in time without stress.

1.Download IGNOU BCA 1st semester all assignment question papers. You can refer our post   How to download IGNOU BCA 1st semester assignments as no sign of study material

2.Total we have 36 questions in over of 5 assignments

3. Want to complete assignments in 7 days.  Answer one question from each assignment on each day. Some questions are bigger than other .So this duration provides equalization. 7th day you can review what you done up to now  complete pending questions (10 small questions of Maths only will get remain for 7th day ). You can also check our post  guidance.  How to write IGNOU BCA assignments with example series


4.Review once before submitting assignments to study center. You can check our post Precautions and check list before submitting IGNOU BCA assignments

In this way by spending 50 mins per day you can get rid IGNOU BCA assignments in stress free manner. Never wait for last date in IGNOU.


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