Precautions and check list before submitting IGNOU BCA assignments

 Checklist and precautions to consider before submitting solved BCA assignments for 2017-18.

Pre- submission check list :

1.Write page number in format 1/n format where’n’ is total number pages. example if your assignment having 10 pages, then on each page write page number in the format 1/10, 2/10… 10/10.

2.Write roll number on top right side corner on each page.

 3.IMPORTANT step. Take scan copies of each assignment you going submit. Please don’t skip this. At lease take picture of each page  using your smart phone. 

above  page is recommended by IGNOU staff. There are cases where student submitted assignments but not updated to university.

4. Check all questions answered and not left behind any question.Check assignments code proper written on front page template.

Post-submission ( must and should)

Take acknowledgement from study center sign and stamp.don’t give chance to “later” on this case.


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