How to write IGNOU BCA assignments with example series

If you are new to IGNOU BCA course, then fearing factor is assignments than term end exams.Many questions will pop up  like how to prepare and  present  BCA  assignments 2017-18. Please remember  that I am not providing solved BCA assignments for 2017-18. If you want good marks,write in your own words. I will tell you later about this.

Links of following IGNOU BCA assignments FAQ will activated one by one. So stay tuned

1.How many IGNOU BCA assignments are there to complete?

2.Where to  download IGNOU BCA   assignments?

3.On which paper and what kind of pen need to use for BCA assignments?

4.What is the margin specification for IGNOU assignments?

5.How to mention question number and where to mention page number and roll number?

6.How to write multiple answers on same page?

7.Can we write both sides of  paper of IGNOU BCA assignments?

8.How to prepare Front page for IGNOU BCA assignments?

9.How to file IGNOU  assignments  of BCS -012 ,BCS-011,BCS-013 ?

10.How to draw pictures in assignments papers?

11.Where to submit IGNOU BCA assignments?

12.Precautions to take before submit BCA IGNOU assignments

Finally one word, please don’t copy paste IGNOU BCA solved assignments 2017-18 blindly.You will get very less marks ( Assignment marks are very important as can;t say anything about theory.


How to prepare assignment for IGNOU BCSL 13 or BCA Computer basics software lab ?

Please share if anything wrong with this how to write IGNOu BCA assignments series.

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