How many assignments for IGNOU BCA 2017-18

In this How to write IGNOU BCA assignments series, lets view basic information related BCA 1st semester 2017-18 July session.


  1. IGNOU BCA assignment BCS-011
  2.  IGNOU BCA assignment BCS-012
  3. IGNOU BCA assignment BCS-013

SECONDARY ( No confirmation to write or not,7th OCT will get clarity)

  1. English foundation course
  2. Business Organization

PRIMARY IGNOU BCA assignment codes for year 2017-18

BCA-011  BCA(1)-011/Assignment/17-18

BCS-012 BCA(1)-012/Assignment/17-18

BCSL-013 BCA(1)L-013/Assignment/17-18

How to IGNOU BCA assignments 2017-18 series

UPDATE : Total 5 assignments for IGNOU BCA not 3. Please refer following link to download all question papaers related to BCA 1st semester assignments. 

How to download IGNOU BCA 1st semester assignments as no sign of study material



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